Affide has its headquarters, monumental, Roman Piazza del Monte di Pietà, in the sixteenth-century Palazzo Petrignani. A seat rich in history, which recalls the times, in the centuries, when the credit on pledge was an institution designed to financially support those who were endowed with a patrimony even if not ingenious and not formally precious.


The Monte di Pietà was a financial institution to all intents and purposes. It was non-profit-making and gave micro-credit to the population. The ethical intention was strong: the conditions of the loan were more favourable than those of the market, and above all the institution was born to fight, or as a counterbalance, to usury, a widespread practice at the time.

Ethics is the key word, social responsibility. Representing today the legacy of such a noble and important history is a responsibility that Affide takes on with pride. With seriousness and transparency, it updates its practices and procedures, but there is no doubt that the company finds its raison d’être in its honest relationship with its customers.