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May 17, 2018

Palazzo da leggere


A project for the Italian community

La pietra racconta – Un palazzo da leggere is a project realised in collaboration with ISIA Urbino for the National Gallery of Le Marche – Ducal Palace of Urbino. It is an exhibition dedicated to the graffiti on the walls of this famous monument: in the 90s professor Raffaella Sarti started to categorise and organise this particular cultural heritage. Recently, in 2015, Manuele Marracini chose these signs as a focus for his MA degree in photography.

What we do

Graffiti are back to life

Some of the writings on the walls of the Ducal Palace have been known for some time: Giorgio Batini also talks about them in his book L'Italia sui muri (1968).
It was not until the 1990s, however, that Raffaella Sarti (University of Urbino Carlo Bo) began a systematic survey of this heritage, with a work of filing, transcription and interpretation presented in various publications.

The system

A new opportunity for Urbino

The stone of the walls of the Doge's Palace is like a big database - says Aufreiter - These graffiti tell beautiful stories, on every floor, on every wall, on the door and window jambs. Some notches with dates and the inscription "Francesco Maria II" have also been found. A common gesture, to note the height of a child.

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